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20 plentyNUST have long supported the Football Supporters' Federation's 'twenty's plenty' campaign. The recent Liverpool fans walkout in protest about their, now defunct, £77.00 ticket prices raised the whole issue of ticket pricing far beyond the normal football fan base and brought it to a much wider audience. What the walkout did prove beyond doubt was the strength of 'fan power'. Within days the Liverpool board publicly issued a letter to supporters backtracking on their ticket proposals and apologising for the way they, the owners, had misjudged the situation.

Here at Newcastle United over many years we have seen collective action by our supporters in support of common causes - from the Supporters for Change group in the late 80's, via the Save our Seats campaign in the late 90's, to last year's protests and the boycott of the Spurs game. Unfortunately, examples of owners and club Boards publicly responding to direct action in the way Liverpool's owners did recently, are rare.

As part of a co-ordinated approach by Premier League Trusts we wrote to the Club in January. We asked them to support proposals at the next Premier League shareholders' meeting ensuring a significant amount of the new TV money will be used to secure positive benefits for matchgoing fans across the game. We have not yet received any reply from the Club to let us know what their position will be at their meeting.

On Friday, 19th February NUST were represented at the FSF organised Premier League supporter groups meeting in London. This meeting had been organised ahead of the Premier League shareholders' meeting at the end of March with the intention of placing pressure on Premier League clubs with regard to ticketing and a host of other fan issues.

We will update members following the meeting.

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