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NUST Relegation Statement

nust logo smallLike all fans of Newcastle United Football Club we are dismayed about the club's relegation from the Premier League. Sadly this was all too inevitable in our opinion. In 2013 NUST were banned from the Fans' Forum for daring to call into question the management of Newcastle United Football Club and its apparent lack of ambition. The issues we raised with the club at that time still remain unanswered and after years of chronic mismanagement the club has been once more relegated from the Premier League. We consider that this relegation was completely avoidable and we are left once again to question whether or not OUR club is being run for the benefit of Newcastle United and its supporters or simply for a businessman who now admits he regrets 'getting into football'.

Whilst none of us can change the past, all supporters can influence the club's future. The loyal fans of Newcastle United deserve much more and we urge all fans to now demand more. We must seek a positive change that will lead to this great club back into the Premier League as a force to be reckoned with.'

We applaud Rafa Benitez for his valiant attempts to save the club from relegation and NUST call upon the owner and Managing Director to make every effort to ensure Rafa Benitez remains at the club and is provided the same level of financial commitment given, belatedly, to Steve McClaren.

This will inevitably mean the current 'governance' of the club being overhauled from top to bottom and more control being given to Rafa, the introduction of a professional Board of Directors with experience of successfully running a football club and added supporter representation at Board level.

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