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This section contains the following Supporters Direct / UEFA publications from 2010 and 2011.

The Social and Community Value of Football (summary and full reports)

In 2008 Supporters Direct comissioned the social research specialists Substance to conduct a research project about the social and community value of football. The purpose was to understand better how clubs interact with and provide value to their communities.

The wider social value of football clubs beyond their community departments has often been discussed but there had been little evidence to back it up. The research was intended to enable clubs to provide evidence by the adoption of a tailored methodology to back this position up.

The specific aims of the research were to :

  • Investigate ways in which we might measure or account for the social and community 'value' of football clubs
  • Identify evidence of the added value alternative fan or community ownership structures might bring
  • Outline how the community roles of football clubs relate to wider regulatory issues

In summary the research was broader than jsut assessing the community programmes delivered by the clubs or their charitable arms as it took a holistic view of all the club's operations and relationships with key stakeholders to understand how clubs delivered value and what may help or hinder the value produced. For example would the inclusion of supporters in the decision-making processes at the club increase a club's social value?

The project was focused on England but has a relevance across football and indeed sport.

Download the Summary paper as a pdf

Download the Full paper as a pdf



Developing Public Policy to Encourage Supporter Community Ownership in Football

This paper takes the promise made in the coalition's Programme for Government - to '...encourage the reform of football governance rules to support the co-operative ownership of football clubs by supporters' - as its starting point, and offers some practical means by which Government policy can be implemented.

Download the paper as a pdf



Developing Football Regulation to Encourage Supporter Community Ownership in Football

This paper focuses on the changes needed in the regulation of football in England, to foster the growth of supporter community ownership. It also outlines the role supporter ownership and its involvement can play in strengthening the governance of football and its individual clubs.

Unfortunately, regulatory reform to date has been marginal, dealing with the symptoms of deep-seated problems in English football, rather than tackling their cause: the unsustainable financial state of many clubs and the failure to align the interests of clubs and their supporters and other stakeholders. Supporters Direct believe these can only be addressed by thorough-going structural reform.

Download the paper as a pdf



Financing Supporter Community Ownership

This paper provides information and guidance on the different forms of fund raising available to supporters' trusts, and outlines how supporters' trusts can finance supporter community ownership, using a number of relevant case studies from the trust movement.

Download the paper as a pdf



Business Advantages of Supporter Community Ownership in Football

This paper is based on the practical experience of those who run supporter community owned clubs and supporters of those clubs; and provides both qualitative and quantitatave evidence as well as case study material, on the business advantages that supporter community ownership of football clubs can bring.

Download the paper as a pdf



UEFA Supporter Lliason Officer Handbook

Under article 35 of the 2010 UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations, clubs across Europe will be required to appoint a supporter lliason officer (SLO) before the beginning of the 2012/2013 season to ensure a proper and constructive discourse with their fans. The introduction of this UEFA licensing requirement constitutes a new landmark in club-supporter relations and emphasises the importance UEFA attaches to dialogue and communication between clubs and fans. Article 35 is the result of detailed talks between UEFA and Supports Direct, and Supporters Direct has been appointed to facilitate the intoduction of SLO's across Europe.

Download the paper as a pdf


UEFA Club Licensing Benchmarking Report

UEFA has issued its fourth club licensing benchmarking report on European club football – covering financial results from more than 650 top-division clubs from UEFA's 53 member national associations.

The European Club Footballing Landscape is a document of 124 pages, and is published in four languages – English, French, German and Russian. The report comes at a key time for European club football in the wake of financial fair play measures introduced by UEFA, aimed at limiting the financial problems which have affected the European club game.

The UEFA Club Licensing Benchmarking Report Financial Year 2010, the broadest of its kind, covers the financial figures of 665 clubs – 90% of all top-division clubs. The bulk of the financial information is sourced directly from audited financial statements that clubs submit as part of the club licensing requirements.

Download the paper as a pdf





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