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Yes We Can

NUST on Radio Newcastle

ywc_logo2NUST spokesman Mark Jensen was interviewed on Radio Newcastle's Total Sport with Simon Pryde last night (Monday 11th January) about the Yes We Can campaign. You can listen again through the BBC iPlayer here. Mark's interview starts about 1 hour 05 minutes in.

Sign up’s top 4500 with Wallsend Boys Club adding its backing.

WBCNUST's latest call to arms by Newcastle fans has pushed the Yes We Can sign-up’s to over 4500. Over 40,000 e-mails were sent out to fans asking them to sign up to the campaign which has been running 7 weeks, businesses contacted and over 20,000 postcards handed out to interested fans. Wallsend Boys' Club has now added its backing to the campaign.

The campaign is really simple, its not complicated and it has very simple principles. We want supporters to have a meaningful voice at our club, we want our club to reflect the values of communities and we want the club to re-connect to supporters and communities’.

Mark Jensen, Principal Spokesperson for the Trust and partner co-ordinator said

‘The backing of Wallsend Boys Club and affliates shows that the grass root message is at the heart of  Yes We Can. Manchester United and Arsenal have ‘feeder clubs’ who provide talent and Newcastle United has Wallsend Boys Club and as a Trust we see the Boys club as an integral part of the future along with the academy. We will be announcing partners on the 15 Jan who will advise the Trust on next steps. We have always said that we won’t waste Mr Ashley’s time by approaching him before we have a workable idea and that remains the Trust policy and it was premature for spokesman on his behalf to dismiss this approach to business’.

Wallsend Boys Club have produced a conveyor belt of stars who have been sold by the club for many millions. Stars like Lee Clark, Alan Thompson all commanded multi million pound transfers and the list of stars that got away (and returned) show that there is potential to strengthen the links between the club and grass roots organisations like boys clubs.

Sign up to the Yes We Can campaign here


Blasts From The Past

AndoAllon-smallSome ex-players recent reactions to the Yes We Can campaign :

"Newcastle Uniteds biggest player by far is its wonderful support. It's often said that the crowd at St James are like an extra man. They are are powerful force, second to none. A club run by these supporters will see the club reach milestones they have only ever dreamed of. Can they do it? Yes they can." - Billy Whitehurst

"I think all Newcastle United supporters would love to see the club run by people who have the best interests of the club at heart, and who aren't chasing the next pound or simply looking for publicity. We have seen the club ownership change from a family owned club to a corporate one and neither formula has brought us success. Who can say that a supporter owned club will not help us realise our dreams. So long as the club is run on a sound financial footing so that the club can succeed on the pitch then i'm sure the 'Yes We Can' campaign can help us reach new heights. One thing is for sure there will be no shortage of passion throughout the club to get the job done." - Kevin Scott

"The 'Yes We Can' campaign is a highly ambitious attempt by a group of hard working and passionate supporters to wrestle the club from its current ownership. Many people have cast a doubtful eye over the organisation over the last few months, but believe you me these lads and lasses mean business, and I for one think that if Newcastle United fans can unite behind the cause then maybe, just maybe we can support a club that we are proud of again." - Joe Allon

"The 'Yes We Can' campaign is a breath of fresh air and is a genuine attempt by a group of people who have the best interests of the club at heart. If it it can work for Barcelona then it can work for Newcastle United. Back the trust it's our only hope." - Billy Askew


Yes We Can Update - End Of Phase 1

AndoAllon-smallThe initial phase of the proposed fans / business / city buyout of the club has now come to an end. The past 6 weeks has been all about getting the idea out there and giving fans the chance to register their interest in the idea of buying a stake in the club. NUST have continued the work with our professional partners behind the scenes to build a framework which will hopefully enable everybody to have the chance to buy a small part of Newcastle United.

Like many of you, we are all impatient to see things moving on. We understand that fans have been frustrated by the lack of visible progress, but a lot has happened, relationships have been cemented ande there is real and tangible interest from the city in what we are doing. However, the full plan will only be unveiled when all the boxes are ticked because we know that everything has to be right as we’ll only get one chance at this. And remember it took the Magpie Group over 2 years to acquire control of the club - we can make one promise and that is that the proposal we are working on with partners won't take that long! In the January the campaign will pick up again and details will be put out into the public domain when it’s possible. The interest and support shown so far by the fans has been overwhelming but we would urge anybody who hasn’t already to register with the ‘Yes We Can’ campaign.


Iconic Shirt draws curtain on 1 stage of Yes We Can Campaign

Keep-smallThe huge Alan Shearer shirt that last made an outing draped over the Angel of the North was unveiled yesterday at Castle Keep in Newcastle - the traditional entrance to the city - to mark the end of the first phase of the NUST Yes We Can campaign.

The campaign started with a bang with 40,000 e-mails sent to toon fans letting them know about how the campaign would work towards bringing interested parties in a fans led consortium to buy the club.

After 6 weeks of hard campaigning with roadshows, regular e-mail newsletters, stories about ‘local achievers’, 30,000 postcards distributed in pubs and clubs across the city and numerous meetings between the Trust and interested parties..

Mark Jensen, Spokesperson and link with external partners for the Trust said ‘Its been a hard but rewarding 6 week campaign and we’ve made a fantastic start to what could be a real fans led buy out of the club. We now have in place all of our commercial partners and are all ready planning phase 2 of the campaign commencing 6 Jan 2010. Fans have been frustrated by the lack of visible progress but a lot has happened, relationships have been cemented and there is real and tangible interest from the city in what we’re doing. We’ll get one chance at doing this and we’ve a duty to make sure its correct and remember it took the Magpie group over 2 years to acquire control of the club. I can make this promise, the proposal we’re now working on with partners won’t take that long’.

Sign up to register your support for "Yes We Can"

Download "Yes We Can - The Terrace Song" for 79p here


Si Podemos!

SiPodemosSmallIn response to our call for Yes We Can (or Si Podemos! as they say in Spain) pictures from around the world here's one of Michael Taylor spreading the message in Sevilla's Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan.

Michael said "Great work by the Trust so far, I'm supporting you all the way."

Send us your pictures from around the globe


Yes We Can Flag


Local company Flying Banners UK have come to the assistance of the Trust and its members and supplied us with our own banner which will be displayed home and away at Newcastle games throughout the season. Many thanks to the guys for their assistance. If anyone is looking for a banner then these are the guys to talk to. Being both local and Toon fans, they will supply excellent quality flags and banners for all occasions. We certainly recommend them.


Calling all Geordies & Newcastle Fans

AndoYWCWhether you’re a local fan from just down the road from SJP or an ex-pat Geordie living or working abroad, or a Newcastle fan anywhere, we need your support. Please download our “Yes We Can” posters and send us a photo of you showing that support. Whether you’re up a mountain, in a valley, stretched on a beach, at your work place or enjoying a beer in the local we want your snaps.

“Yes We Can” isn’t just for the home based supporters, it’s for Geordies and Newcastle fans everywhere. So whether your an ex-pat or exiled, home bred or honorary, we want to see that support. Download the posters here, get the box brownie out and start snapping those photos. Send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will add them to the supporter wall here at NUST.

While we know Newcastle fans don’t need incentives to show their support, we can say that one lucky snapper will be chosen at random to receive a commemorative SBR Foundation t shirt of their choice courtesy of Newcastle fanzine True Faith. These specially designed shirts are exclusive to True Faith and all profits from their sale are going to the SBR Foundation. So come on let’s have those photos!


Mike Ashley joins Supporters' Trust

BlacksmithsPub landlord and Newcastle fan Mike Ashley has joined the fans drive to reclaim their club. Mike, landlord of the Blacksmith Arms in Gosforth joined NUST at a Trust roadshow with other fans.

Neil Mitchell, Interim Chair of the Trust said 'The coincidence was not lost on the Trust and Mike took it all in great humour. Its now official - Mike Ashley backs the fans campaign to buy a stake in the club and his support is appreciated. We're a broad church and accept all Newcastle fans as members."



Home Secretary and Local MPs back Yes We Can


L-R standing, Dave Anderson MP, Home Secretary Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP, Mayor of Gateshead Cllr John Eagle, Mark Jensen (NUST), Sharon Hodgson MP, Chi Onwurah, and kneeling David Clelland MP and Cllr Mick Henry Leader of Gateshead Council.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson has led support for NUST’s campaign. He was part of a group of Hull City supporters who tried to buy the East Yorkshire club and gave his backing at an event for Tyneside Labour officials. He was joined by Toon-supporting Tyne Bridge MP David Clelland.


What has the Bundesliga got to do with Newcastle United?

kiesslingFollowing last season's relegation and the recent renaming of St. James' Park, Newcastle fans have had enough.

So they've set up the Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST), with the main aim to take over the ownership and running of the club from the grasp of Toon uber-villain Mike Ashley.

And it would seem that their admirable aims are not simply flights of fancy, if recent events in Germany's domestic league are anything to go by...

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